Interview: Get to know Beduk ahead of his debut UK gig

The Turkish star will be releasing his new album in late February.

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One of Turkey’s most successful musicians with seven albums to his name and a forthcoming record FlashFoward in the works, Beduk is set to play his first ever show in the UK in March. He has played with some of the biggest artists in the world in his home country, before recently making the move to London. Now set to continue developing his blend of dance-pop, we caught up with Beduk to find out more about his sound, and how he’s feeling about taking to a London stage for the very first time in his already illustrious career.

BEDÜK - Electric Girl

How are you feeling about playing your first ever UK show?

It’s fascinating! After years of touring and hundreds of live shows under my belt, I feel like this is my first show ever.

How do you think playing the UK will compare to your previous shows?

For the first time in years, I don’t know what to expect – either from us on stage or from the crowd because every live show is different in a way. The audience makes a live gig what it is. The UK is the centre of the music I’ve grown up listening to. And literally the basis of my music as well. The audience in the UK knows my kind of music and they’ve seen too many shows. But they haven’t seen mine! It will be exciting to bring them my dose of entertainment to a world of great shows.

How would you put a Beduk live show into words?

It’s basically taking you from your world to mine so that you can be free to be whatever you need to be in that particular timeframe. You will experience no artistic ego whatsoever on stage, but rather a blast of a fun night out with your friends and I happen to be singing that night.

How would you describe the Beduk sound?

Funk and rock infused electronic dance music. Big and ground shaking as possible while embracing the musical taste of an indie record.

What’s the most important thing to you when creating music?

When I’m creating, being myself and bringing something new to the table is really important for me. I mostly write, play, record, mix and produce everything by myself. It’s important to put a completely different hat on, while doing all these different work. It is not only lyrics, not only melodies or beats; the most important thing is to think 360 degrees in a way that it makes sense to the world of music through my eyes.

You’ve been hugely influential on the Turkish music scene. How have you seen it develop over time?

I just made music that I would like to listen to. I made five albums in English and two recent ones in Turkish and toured live with my band for half my life. I’ve played almost every venue and music festival in Turkey, some in the United States and the Netherlands. I guess word of mouth, fun wise music videos made it easier for me. I think being consistent on your career and live shows and bringing something new every time you release something influences others.

You’ve played with some international superstars. Is there any moment that really stands out?

Well, it’s not always easy to open for an international act. While the audience waits for the main act, you have to keep them warm, but not too hot that you would steal the vibe before the main act! I love it every time I am on stage no matter if I’m the headliner or the opener. But I have to tell you, going on stage with Faithless was something else.

What else does 2018 have in store for you?

I’m getting ready for the new album that I’m recording now in London called FlashForward. It will be out late February, just before the show. I will return to my funkier electronic vibes, but it will be something from the future, as the name suggests. Other than that I am planning to be on stage for another half of my life, producing for myself and writing and producing for other artists as well.

Catch Baduk’s debut UK show at London’s O2 Academy Islington on the 8 March 2018. Tickets are available through