Interview: We chat to Milestones ahead of their tour supporting WSTR this month

Recently signed to Fearless Records, Milestones have been making waves this summer with a string of live dates – they’re now about to embark on a tour supporting WSTR on their The Inbetween Tour.

The UK tour, which kicks off tonight in Dundee, includes a date at London’s legendary Camden Assembly, formerly Barfly. We sat down with guitarist Eden Leviston to talk about their excitement for the upcoming gigs and to find out what they’ve been up to recently. Check out the full interview below.

TM: What have Milestones been up to since July?

EL: Hey! We’ve finished up two tours over the summer with Area 11 and Hawthorne Heights. These were both incredible experiences and we can’t wait to be back on the road again through October/November with WSTR.

TM: How does it feel to be supporting WSTR?

EL: Yeah, we’re all raring to go! WSTR came into the scene around the same time as us and we’ve played a few festivals together. Feels nice to go into a tour already knowing the headline band. Makes the nerves a bit calmer knowing you’re touring with mates. We’ve both got a few interesting things lined up for the Halloween date (Liverpool) which you’ll have to come to if you want to know what we’re talking about!

TM: What can we expect at a show?

EL: ’90s boy band synchronised choreography and fairy lights. We’ve managed to get a bit of experience under our belts now so there’s no pre-show nerves at all any more. We have a few on stage gimmicks as well that always surprise people.

TM: What’s it like to play Camden assembly?

EL: We love this venue! First time we played was with Waterparks right after they played Slam Dunk festival and the turnout was great. We made a lot of new fans in Camden and we can’t wait to return and make even more. All the venue staff are super nice and accommodating too. None of us are from London so we don’t really go to shows down there.

TM: What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to as a fan?

EL: The last time we saw Mayday Parade live (Manchester Ritz) was incredible. They played such a big part in all of our lives growing up and to watch songs like Terrible Things and Jamie All Over side stage was a truly amazing experience. We speak to them quite often now as we’re under the same label and management.

TM: What’s the perfect recipe for a gig?

EL: To have some form of dynamic either visually or phonologically. At the stage of your career when you’re trying to pull in new fans I feel like playing a mono tonal set all at one level isn’t going to do you any favours. Then again there’s certain things about certain bands that strike a chord with people due to the ideology of their tracks. Bands like Moose Blood/Brand New pull this off incredibly well.

TM: What’s next for Milestones?

EL: At the minute we’re just excited to head out on this UK tour supporting WSTR. We have a few things lined up for next year but I think the rest of the lads/our label would kill me if I said anything before any sort of formal announcement haha.

Want to hear more from Milestones? Check out the amazing video for their track Nothing Left below:

Milestones - Nothing Left (Official Music Video)

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