Interview: We chat to Dreezy as she prepares to bring her a-game to the UK

Making waves stateside, emerging hip-hop sensation Dreezy is preparing to bring her a-game to the UK next week. We caught up with the lady herself ahead of the shows to find out what she has in store.

Dreezy - Body ft. Jeremih

How is life on the road? What’s your favourite part of touring?

It’s crazy and unreal! My favorite part about touring is seeing the different scenery and fashion. And of course turning up with the fans, I love winning the crowd over.

How are you feeling about your forthcoming trip to the UK?
I’m sooo ready. It’s going to be my first time in the UK I always hear about it, so let’s see what it’s about.

What can people expect from your live show?
I’m from Chicago so I bring that mentality everywhere I go. Nothing but energy, good music, and good vibes! We turn up at my shows.

Looking back on your career to date, what do you feel has led you to this point?
My gift and my consistency. I know what I want, and I’m not afraid to take the risk to get it.

You’ve worked with some high profile artists since your 2014 breakthrough. How did that come to be?
Some were organic, some, my label helped put together. I never been the groupie type, I only respect hard working artists and good people. I think a lot of people see that in me and are drawn to it.

You’ve developed a strong voice in the scene. Where do you draw these lyrics and opinions from?
Life experiences. I had to grow up fast and I see things a lot differently from people my age. I just tell my stories and lessons through the music.

Do you have any particular role models, either in the scene or out?
My dad is my biggest role model. Beyonce is becoming one too, as far as in my career.

What’s the next milestone, looking towards 2017?
I’m hoping to be the new biggest female artist. I want awards now. I want the best album, best video. Everything needs to go to the next level.

Here is Dreezy’s live date next week:

November 21 – The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, London

Dreezy tickets are on sale now through