Interview: Basement tell us how they’re settling back into tour life

Ipswich locals Basement are back, they’ve got a brilliant new record and they’re loving life on the road after a brief hiatus.

We caught up with guitarist Alex Henery during the quintet’s current UK tour – don’t miss remaining tickets for their show at KOKO, London on 13 February at Read the full interview here…

Promise Everything has already been dubbed the best album of your career by critics, does it feel that way for you too? 

“We’re really proud of this album, I personally think it’s the most cohesive album we have released, and definitely flows better than our past efforts. We just wanted to write songs with a lot of energy and catchy melodies.”

Has the record refreshed your enthusiasm for touring and playing live?

“It’s been awesome to put together a new setlist for this tour, mixing songs from all three albums was a challenge but I think we have made it work. We all love touring and playing live, and of course playing new songs brings something new and exciting to our shows. So far people have responded great to the new tracks.”

Do the new songs sound different live from the record, and is there a new kind of energy for the older tracks, too?

“I think the songs sound great live, we have been working on them in our practices and now to play them each night is something really special. I don’t think there is a different energy, all the tracks new and old seem to flow really well.”

Basement - "Aquasun" (Official Music Video)

And generally, how is it to get back on the road after some time away?

“It’s been great, we all love touring and we’ve all been looking forward to it. To tour new countries and meet new people is a great part of being in a band. On this tour we get to go to Scandinavia which is somewhere we’ve never been before, which is super exciting.”

Any of the upcoming venues you’re particularly excited to headline?

“KOKO is going to be insane, it’s the largest venue we have ever played in UK and I heard that Ross Kemp is coming to the show because his daughter is into the band, so that’s pretty funny.”

And for those that aren’t familiar with the support bands, who are you bringing out with you?

“We are bringing our great friends in Tigers Jaw and our new mates in Alex G. Both incredible bands from Pennsylvania USA.

It’s fair to say the music industry is far from straight forward, especially when it comes to getting live shows, any tips for new bands wanting to get their first tours and get their name out there?

“Never pay to play. Book your own shows if needs be. Just write the best music you can, play shows where you can and have fun.”