Interview: Anitta looks ahead to huge London show

Brazilian trailblazer Anitta is coming to London’s Royal Albert Hall next month.

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Iconic London venue the Royal Albert Hall will welcome Brazilian pop superstar Anitta next month for her first ever UK show.

Brazil’s biggest star Anitta already has three chart-topping studio albums under her belt, and has won Best Brazilian Artist (twice) and Best Latin Artist at the Europe Music Awards.

Since last year, and the release of more Spanish and English language music, her star is now truly in ascendance. Having already penned huge hits with the likes of Alesso, J Balvin, Major Lazer, Maluma and Poo Bear, Anitta has just released her highly-anticipated new single Indecente.

Take a listen to the new single below – and then read on to hear how Anitta is gearing up for her huge London show.

Anitta - Indecente (Official Music Video)

How excited are you to be performing at the Royal Albert Hall?

I’m very exciting and very happy; it’s going to be very special. I will be nervous for sure because it’s going to my very first time performing in London ever – I’ve never been to London before, but I’ve heard a lot about the Royal Albert Hall because my husband used to live in London and so I’m very excited to go and perform there.

What can audiences expect from the show in June?

I mean it’s a legendary place so I’m coming with a spectacular show, that’s the first thing. And I’m trying to mix Brazilian themes with international themes too. I think it will be quite a mixed audience – people who know my Brazilian music first, and then my English music second – and so I think that people who come who only know me for one or two songs will go away having had a really eclectic night of music. I want to give the audience a mixture of all the things I love and I hope people really like it.

We were trying to count how many languages you’ve recorded in – what’s your favourite language to sing or record in?

I like to sing in Spanish and Portuguese and in English, and the reason I speak English so much is because I started meeting other artists all over the world while I was traveling, or they would come to Brazil to meet me, so I would always speak in English. And now I have a lot of artists who are asking me to collaborate with them and they often like me to sing in Spanish or Portuguese, like the song I did with Major Lazer was sung in Portuguese, so I like to do a balance, you know? And sing whatever feels right to fit the style of music and the artist I’m working with.

And after the London show, what’s next for you?

So I have shows in Portugal and Paris before the London show and then I’m coming back to Brazil for a number of shows here. But who knows after that – I mean, last week I was in Mexico and yesterday I was in Las Vegas, so if some amazing opportunity comes up, I’ll head off to another city I’m sure. And I love that! The travel is a bit tiresome, but to be in different cities all the time is really nice, soaking up the culture and experience life in a new place is always so exciting. And that’s why I cannot wait to come to London and see what the city is like – and show the audience what I’ve got to offer too!

Anitta plays the Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday 28 June. Tickets are on sale now via