Interview: Hyphen Hyphen preview upcoming London gig

The french pop-makers headline Heaven in June.

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Hyphen Hyphen are ready to take on the world.

Hailing from Nice, France, the trio who met in school combine their various influences to create their own take on electro-pop.

The band have released three albums in their home country so far, their latest HH proving to be their most popular yet, debuting at No.6 on the French chart.

The band gained a lot of traction online with their track Like Boys last year, the sultry cool-as-you-like LGBT+ anthem has been streamed over five million times on Spotify.

Hyphen Hyphen - Like Boys (Official Video)

Hyphen Hyphen come to the UK in June for a one-off show at Heaven, London, so we spoke to Santa, Line and Adam from the band, to ask them how they’re feeling about the gig and what the immediate future holds.

How excited are you about your upcoming London show?

Santa: We are so excited. We had so much fun the last time we were over, we can’t wait to come and party with you guys.

What can fans expect from the gig?

Santa: A giant party! We’ve heard about Heaven, it sounds like a great place to go and play as it’s a massive queer venue and we’re lucky to be part of this movement. We want to have a great time and give our best for the UK people.

What are your favourite things to do in London?

Line: Well we like to drink beer! Also, we like to buy vinyl. So those two things. We’re gonna stay in town for a week after the show and see some friends.

For the uninitiated how would you describe your sound?

Santa: This is always quite a hard question to answer.

Adam: Yeah it’s really hard to describe our music.

Santa: It is pop music, but we let ourselves be whatever we want and be whoever we want. We try to be as free as possible. We’re influenced by many different genres, but we’re definitely a pop band.

Hyphen Hyphen - Mama Sorry (Official video)

Back home you released your third album HH last year. How pleased were you with the reaction to it?

Santa: So far, so good! It got a lot of attention in France, and hopefully, we’re going to release it soon in the UK. We can’t wait.

Have you got a favourite track to play live from the album?

Santa: Well, we like playing all of the album live at the moment but I think the track we’re most looking forward to playing at Heaven will be Like Boys. It’s such a girl power song and a gay anthem. It feels like gay pride when we play that song on stage.

What’s something essential to bring from home on tour?

Santa: Lots of different clothes and lots of energy!

What’s the plan for 2019?

Adam: We’re going on a European tour, then we’re going to release HH worldwide and hopefully, fingers crossed we’ll tour in the US.

Hyphen Hyphen headline Heaven, London on Wednesday 5 June 2019.

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