Here’s what we learned watching Alex Lahey live

She played a sold out Omeara in London last month.

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Releasing her debut full-length, I Love You Like A Brother last year, Australian singer and songwriter Alex Lahey played a sold out show at London’s Omeara in March. Treating fans to an upbeat Friday evening filled with chat of Eurovision, family and friends, here’s what we learned from the Alex Lahey live experience.

Alex Lahey - I Love You Like a Brother (Official Video)

Every show is like a homecoming

It might be due to the healthy Australian contingent in England’s capital city, but Alex Lahey is always greeted as if she were making a triumphant return to her hometown. Her performance follows suit, speaking directly the crowd with an assured ease. The biggest cheers outside of her much loved songs are easily reserved for references to her native Australia.

It’s all very relaxed

It’s remarkably just how comfortable Alex Lahey appears on stage. Even in front of tonight’s sold out audience, she pauses between songs to address the crowd as if they were her closest friends. The conversation turns to her love of Eurovision. Could we be seeing an Alex Lahey shaped Australian entry in the near future? Now that would be something.

She’s a storyteller

Even in song Alex Lahey draws listeners into her world, be it the quirky, atypical love of Wes Anderson or the slacker party anthem Everyday’s The Weekend. I Love You Like A Brother is filled with a perfect blend of personal accounts and observations, and live they feel even more real.

She’s having a lot of fun

…As are the audience. The majority of tonight’s set it notably upbeat, offering the perfect Friday evening accompaniment. A vibrant cover of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated slots perfectly into the set, encouraging a huge singalong and also offering an insight into where Alex Lahey’s musical inspiration began. It’s a little bit introspective, a little personal, but a whole load of fun.

Alex Lahey - Every Day's The Weekend (Official Video)


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