Henry Rollins shares details of spoken word tour 2016

We’re struggling to think of a time when Henry Rollins was anything less than completely and utterly honest, and his latest pre-tour interview is no different.

But that’s what makes the Black Flag icon such an unformidable spoken word performer. His frank, inspired and comically-digested anecdotes will now fuel his next European tour – suitably dubbed the Charmingly Obstinate tour – stopping in the UK between 10 – 18 January 2016.

Ahead of the tour, Rollins has spoken to The Guardian’s Peter Robinson about everything from penguins and Morrissey, to the music industry, US Congress and, er, falling into holes. Read the full interview.

Explaining how his upcoming spoken word tour has progressed from his previous shows, he said, “A lot of comedian types have routines and monologues that they do every time. And as a performer I can’t be bored up there – you’ll see it and you won’t like it. I won’t like it. I can’t dial it in.

As for his inspiration before this tour? “I become aware of my surroundings, and then when the day is over I write up my notes. I just spent two weeks on the Antarctic Peninsula, out among penguins and seals and icebergs. It’s so overwhelmingly beautiful that you get back to your cabin and you can’t even write anything – you’ve had so much beauty shoved down your throat all day that you’re gagged. But I have a camera with me and I was constantly taking photos.”

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