Guest review: The One Hundred join Eskimo Callboy in London

The One Hundred frontman Jacob Field takes on guest review duty as the Brit four-piece join Eskimo Callboy at The Underworld, London.

Despite playing London a LOAD in the last year, my band The One Hundred have never actually played at The Underworld so it’s pretty exciting for us to finally get the opportunity to play this iconic venue. As it happens, you don’t get warned in advance that it’s a basement with no WIFI and pillars blocking the view, but, it’s by the by, Camden, baby! etc. 

Opening band on this bill are Cabin Boy Jumped Ship and they have an impressively big line of merchandise. Unfortunately I missed their set as I had to do my vocal warm ups (luckily I we’re doing the whole tour together!). 

I don’t know if I’m meant to review my own set, but here we go… we are met by a surprisingly decent crowd; it didn’t feel that busy before we went on but kids appeared to run towards the stage out of nowhere. No spoilers intended (as it’s made it’s way on to YouTube now…) but we come on to We Dem Boyz; we’ve got some serious air horn going on just before it starts and accordingly it acts like a sounding beacon – GET IN THAT PIT. We have a really good set. There’s nothing quite like playing to a responsive crowd. People singing the words back at you is the single most gratifying experience you can have as a band and tonight there’s a lot of it. We manage to get a circle pit going around one of the pillars, so mission accomplished there! We actually have a tour blog going, here’s our video from London…

'Crystals' Tour Vlog E.1: London

This is the first date of the tour so I’ve not actually seen Eskimo Callboy yet – they are the surprise of the night. Hanging out with them a bit before the show you can tell that they are doing this tour because they want to engage with their fanbase, their attitude is great and it’s refreshing.

There’s a reason that there are not many big European bands in this world, often getting eclipsed by their American/British counterparts. Eskimo Callboy are doing their best to buck that trend. Their set is one of ridiculousness. Energy, electronics – it’s basically a party on stage to which everyone in the audience is invited to. It’s fun, and that’s something metal is often quick to forget about. 

Heres the ECB video from the night!

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