What IS happening with Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry live stream?

Frank Ocean has unveiled a cryptic live stream on his official website ahead of his long-awaited new album.

At the time of writing, the stream over at (working best on Safari) shows the American singer in a largely-empty warehouse with orchestral music on loop. The track then cuts out and is replaced by the sound (and image) of him cutting wood with an electric saw.

According to earlier reports, Lost music video director Francis Soriano claimed the stream is actually a looped video he made.

What will follow the video? We wait patiently to find out!

Ever. So. Patiently.

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Meanwhile, a few of our favourite reactions on Twitter so far:

Update 02/08:

According to new reports, Frank Ocean’s sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry could be released this Friday (5 August). A source reportedly told The New York Times that the project will be an Apple Music exclusive for “only two weeks before becoming more widely available” and will be accompanied by a video and publications to be sold at Apple stores.