Frank Carter tells us who to watch at Reading and Leeds Festival 2016

When it comes to respected figures in the British rock community, Frank Carter is right up there.

His stubbornness to succeed and will to create art he truly believes in has won him the respect of fans and industry figures alike. So it only makes sense that he’s the man to tell us the artists we just can’t miss at Reading and Leeds Festival 2016. He’ll be there too, of course, causing all kinds of chaos under the raucous Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes banner.

What can we expect from their set? “The unexpected,” Frank tells us. “I have played Reading and Leeds many times. This year will be my ninth appearance at the festival and my first time on the main stage so I plan to have as much fun as you can have at 1pm on a Friday afternoon!”

But is he feeling the main stage pressure? “I grew up going to the festival as a kid. It’s everything to me. I have seen some life-changing sets there by some of my favourite bands. I hope by giving it everything and playing my heart out I can be that for some other young musicians.”


‘In no specific order’ then, Frank tells us the bands we all need to schedule into our Reading and Leeds weekends…


“I’ve loved Ninja and Yolandi for a long long time.  In a world that is descending into a hole of obsessive narcissism they are flying a flag for anyone that wants to stand up and say “I’m different” and I’m all for different.”


“For years I’ve been preaching the similarities of punk rock and grime. Both are passionate, energetic, intelligent styles of music that were born in the underground and have smashed wide open holes into the mainstream without compromising themselves. BBK are the epitome of UK grime. Worth it alone just to hear JME’s bars.”


“One of my favourite bands of all time. Not only are they all incredible gentlemen but they have worked relentlessly for so many years building a dedicated fanbase that has grown with them over the years and stayed with them the whole time.  They are in the middle of releasing new music now and I think it’s some of their best work, so why wouldn’t you want to see that in action?!”


“I’ve had the pleasure of catching Foals at various points in their career when we have been playing the same festivals randomly. Every single time they deliver an intense and considered performance that just melts my brain and crushes what’s left of my body. An amazing band full of talented musicians and some of my favourite modern day riffs.”

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