Playlist: Five tracks we hope to hear Dizzee Rascal play live this summer

On Tuesday, Grime hero, Dizzee Rascal, made a trip across the pond and dropped some serious heat on Sway’s In The Morning radio show, smashing out a 3-min freestyle over five different beats; reminiscent of the energy and clever lyricism we heard in Boy In Da Corner.

Needless to say the Yanks were more than impressed, but it left us UK fans wondering, is our grime god about to emerge from the corner and back onto the stage after a painstakingly long hiatus? Fast-forward to Thursday and we hear that Dizzee Rascal WILL be making a return, performing in London this summer, eep!

So, to get all you bassline junkies hyped for Dizzee’s comeback, we’ve compiled the five songs we hope to hear him play in London this summer.

1. I Luv U

2. Stand Up Tall

3. Bonkers

4. Jus’ a Rascal

5. Fix Up Look Sharp

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