Five things you need to know about Eskimo Callboy’s live show

As German electro-metallers Eskimo Callboy gear up to tour the UK next month, we caught up with lead vocalist Kevin Ratajczak to get the lowdown on their live show.

1. You probably shouldn’t wear your best shoes

“You can expect a wild and energetic live show with so many lights, so much beer, so much wow… and of course, six guys that share the time of their lives with you.”

2. Their songs sound even bigger live

“We write some of our songs in respect of their live performance. We love being on stage and to share that feeling with people. When the crowd celebrates our songs with us, we regularly become this young mother who lifts up a car because her newborn is trapped under it…”

3. Stage production is the dream

If money was no object… “Everything that goes like “BOOOM”. We love fire, and we love pyro shows. I mean, look at Rammstein, they just light up every item on stage! It looks awesome. And we like stage sceneries that move or transform during the show.”

Electric Callboy - Crystals (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

4. They know how to pick a support band

“So there is Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – we’ve known these guys for a little longer now. Conner, the vocalist used to be our guest on some of our former UK shows. A very friendly band, that works a lot and brings a cool style and a brutal live performance. Also they know how to party the s**t out of a crowd. Definitely a must see.

“Then there is The One Hundred. Wow. I have to admit, we never heard about these guys before, but when we listened to their music for the first time, we instantly liked them. Very unique. We’ve always liked rap music, [and] not only because we’re big fans of the nu-metal era; we never thought that rap and hard guitar music fit together perfectly. We’re very stoked for this tour; a big party with awesome guys and some intense shows!”

5. You’ll want to learn the lyrics in time

“First of all, get your ticket! The rest is easy – don’t waste your time choosing the perfect outfit, it’s getting dirty and wet anyway. Learn the lyrics to scream with us loud, go to the venue and just let yourself flow. That’s all.”

Eskimo Callboy tour the UK between 8 – 15 October, book now at