Five things we’ll miss most about Zayn Malik being in One Direction

News that Zayn Malik has quit One Direction just broke, and as Twitter (along with the rest of the world, but mainly Twitter) responds, we can’t stop thinking about Zayn’s luscious locks.

That, and all the other wonderful things we’ll miss about him being in 1D. Here are the five things currently on loop in our brains…

1. The quiff – did we mention how much love we have for this man’s signature barnet?

Zayn Milk One Direction

2. His solo in Steal My Girl – we suggest you fast forward to the 02:05 mark and just swoon, then hit 04:37 for his super solo.

One Direction - Steal My Girl

3. His smouldering stare – we’ve lost count of the amount of times a TV camera has caught Zayn doing his make-hearts-melt look right into our souls. There’s a chance he knows us better than we know ourselves…

Zayn Malik quits One Direction

4. The upward point – Zayn’s signature move doesn’t quite look the same when we try it at home, but that doesn’t stop us trying (repeatedly).

Zayn Malik leaves 1D

5. His ability to rock a leather jacket – we love how the 1D boys have come into their own styles over the years, but Zayn’s dedication to biker jackets is next level.

Zayn Malik 1D

We’ll miss you Zayn Malik, but we’ll always think you’re just great!