Five things we learned after seeing David Cross live

David Cross isn’t one to mince his words, so here’s everything we learned as the comedian’s Making America Great Again! show stopped at London’s O2 Kentish Town Forum.

He’s still an Indie Rock hero

Cross took to the stage following a reworked recording of Texan legends Spoon’s The Underdog with his friends track’s lyrics switched to echo the warnings of the house – “keep your phone away or you’ll be punched in the d**k”. Signed to Sub Pop, such a touch only cements his placing as an indie cult hero.

After Bush, come Trump and the NRA

Though he’s firmly confident Mr. Trump won’t make it into office, Cross doesn’t miss out on his moment to tear him to shreds. Let’s be honest, he was setting his stall out early by naming the tour Making America Great Again!. The NRA also bore the brunt, with brutally relevant musings.

He hasn’t calmed his views on religion

As a staunch atheist, religion has always been a huge part of his act – after growing up in a Atlantan Jewish household, Cross denounced the faith as a youngster and has always ‘explored’ the subject on stage.

He’s got as much bite as ever

After making a name for himself as one of America’s finest comedic actors, both through his sketch work on Mr. Show and as Tobias Fünke on Arrested Development, Cross’ timing is second to none. He weaves anecdotes that reel you in, painting melancholic and misanthropic scenes before splitting your sides with punchlines so cutting they should come with a safety warning.

He does one hell of a Matthew McConnaughey impression

After rapturous applause, Cross returns to the stage and finishes his encore with an impression of the Oscar Winner that is as ridiculous as it is genius – a tightrope David Cross continues to walk after all these years.

Words: Thom Denson