Five reasons you need to see Stereophonics live this summer

Stereophonics have a string of huge UK dates lined up this summer, including a stop at Cardiff City Stadium.

Here, Ticketmaster’s Kimblerley Tough looks ahead to the Welsh rockers’ upcoming tour…

1. They’re a sight for sore eyes. Let’s face it, no one pulls off a black leather jacket quite like Kelly Jones. And with a habit of swapping their extensive guitar collection on stage more time than Katy Perry’s costume changes, there’s plenty to keep you mesmerised.

2. The camaraderie between the guys is pretty special. If Kelly’s voice alone isn’t enough to captivate you for the duration, watching his interaction with his friends and bandmates will win you over.

Stereophonics - I Wanna Get Lost With You

3. It’s clear that the band love every second that they’re on stage. We feel their energy, their passion and their artistic flair. It’s obvious from the moment they step out that Stereophonics adore performing, and we enjoy watching them do their thing in equal measure.

4. Dakota is still the biggest jam. There isn’t one person in the room who isn’t jumping up and down when the boys deliver this grand finale. There’s usually a confetti canon to ensure it’s a totally unforgettable moment.

Stereophonics - Dakota (Official Video)

5. They’re inspiring musicians. With an ethos that you can do anything you put your mind to, Kelly is no stranger to reminiscing on stage, looking back to times when he was in the crowd watching his favourite bands.

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