Five of the most obvious things we all forget to pack for festivals

Here’s to those last minute festival goers cramming everything in to their backpacks for Reading and Leeds Festivals, and Creamfields.

1.Toilet roll 

One minute the portaloos are fully stocked with toilet roll and the next, it’s ALL gone. Take your own or regret it for the rest of time (until you’re within the safety of the service station, at least).

2. Cash and ID

This one seems obvious until you’re stood in an endless queue at the mobile cash point. The same goes for your ID; think like you’re travelling abroad and you’ll be covered.

3. Torch 

Don’t put the pressure on your camera torch, the poor thing. Remember to pack a trusty pocket light and prepare to feel smug when you’re the only one who can find the tent after that midnight loo dash.

4. Water 

This is usually the point where we roll our eyes but when you’re thirsty AND in need of a day-three shower, a bottle of water goes surprisingly far.

5. Extra socks

Just when you think you’ve packed enough… pack one more pair.

Ps. don’t forget to pack your tickets! That includes your parking ticket…

Festival crowd surf

…inflatable boat is optional.