Five of our favourite moments from Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl

This weekend Foo Fighters brought their long awaited Sonic Highways show to Milton Keynes Bowl. As the band head up to mighty Edinburgh for the final show of their UK leg (no pun intended), here are five of our favourite bits from yesterday’s show. 

1. Dave of Thrones. Let’s face it, the man DOES deserve the gigantic throne. Despite the frontman continuing to hobble around with a broken leg, there was no energy spared in his approach to rocking out on a seat. Complete with guitar necks and what we decided were microphones looped around the top, it was pretty extravagant. It also meant the Taylor’s drum kit had to have its own special pedestal so we could see him over Dave’s massive set up.

2. How much they love their fans. Not only did they dedicate a song to a mega fan called Rose, they also gave everyone a Foo Fighters KEYRING, allegedly to make up for having to cancel the previous shows. What. A. Band. 

3. They’ve got some pretty cool mates. As the unofficial nicest man in rock, Dave Grohl really can roll out the big guns, or as he described it ‘a super-duper group’. “You didn’t think we’d make you come out here, after cancelling a show, then refunding, rebooking a show… and not arrange anything special for you guys, did you?” he said. “Well we didn’t but some friends turned up and we jammed.” From there, we were treated to British rock royalty in Roger Taylor (Queen) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), with Taylor Hawkins tackling some tricky vocals in honour of Freddie Mercury’s 69th birthday. 

4. Three hours of live Foos flies by. It was a long day, and after Royal Blood and Iggy Pop doing some mega support sets, some may’ve thought it impossible to fully commit to three hours of the Foos. As it turns out, aching feet and the chill of a British September disappear once the sound of The Colour and the Shape booms around a stadium. The band played all the hits, they didn’t just stick to the new stuff, and that made it pretty special. The Pretender is always going to result in total chaos, but Breakout was a pretty good contender for the most insane crowd moment.

5. The triumphant finale. Now picture 60,000 Foos fans belting out My Hero to close the weekend. Unforgettable – good work, everyone!

Edinburgh, you’re in for a treat!

Foo Fighters play Edinburgh’s BT Murrayfield Stadium on Tuesday 8 September with Royal Blood and Honeyblood, search remaining tickets now at