Five new acts you need to hear

Saint Raymond – I Want You

The sunny weather is attempting to shine through the clouds, and this song is perfect for those moments where the sun does reach us. His first track Everything She Wants, has been playing in my car for a guaranteed sing-a-long every morning. I am absolutely in love with Saint Raymond, and I hope you are too after you hear this!

Saint Raymond - I Want You [Official Video]

Mausi – My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

I saw Mausi on a uni night out one or two years ago, and have absolutely loved them since – they are just full of upbeat goodness. The lead singer was so involved with the crowd and just generally loved life. As much as I love this song, it does just make me really jealous of the guys in the video and want to be at a pool party. Add this on to your party playlist and get dancing.

Mausi - My Friend Has a Swimming Pool (Official Video)

Amber Run – I Found

I first discovered Amber Run at a secret gig, I had never heard of them before but was blown away. It was one of those moments when you just know a band is going somewhere. This is an absolutely stunning and haunting version of their newest single I Found.

Amber Run - I Found ft. London Contemporary Voices | Mahogany Session

Vance Joy – Mess Is Mine

I know I can’t quite class Vance Joy as new since he had his chart topping track Rip Tide last year. However, I came across Mess Is Mine’ recently and absolutely love it. It charted in Australia this year, so they have the right idea! The video is entertaining too, check it out 

Vance Joy - "Mess is Mine" [Official Video]

Eliot Sumner – Information

I saw her live years ago as I Blame Coco, and was a big fan of hers. However, she disappeared off the radar for a while – luckily, my newsfeed has been popping up with news from Eliot Sumner recently. I thought I’d check out what she’s producing now and it sounds awesome! I’m looking forward to hearing more of her new stuff. Interesting fact: she’s Sting’s daughter.

Eliot Sumner - Information