Five festival fashion fails to (try to) avoid this summer

I’m a firm believer that you should wear whatever makes you happy, comfortable and confident, especially at a festival. That said, there are some gig no-goes I thought I’d clear up before festival season really takes hold…

Mad at you hatters
If you are just wafting around the festival in your wide rimmed hats looking boho-fabulous, then as you were, please do carry on. Protecting yourself from the sun is one thing, BUT if you’re wearing your planet-sized hat purely for style purposes, I will have to stamp you with the selfish stylista tag. Music tops fashion at a festival, and this applies to all manner of headgear (including those horses heads).

Cat hat gif

Stud muffin
Along with leather, plaid and band tees, studding is a fashion detail often associated with rock culture. Although they reek of glam rock style, they’re capable of causing some serious damage in the pit. Any diminishing of eyesight should only be down to consuming too many beers or fan boy/girl tears.

Give heels the boot
I’ve learnt that people who wear heels shouldn’t crowd surf at festivals. I once landed myself in first aid, missing the rest of a Slipknot set, thanks to a hefty kick to the head. So people, don’t be selfish with your footwear. If you want to ride the crowd wave… wear some soft canvas shoes, please!

Crowd Surfing

The Big Bag Theory
I understand the quandary, I do. You want a good spot to watch your favourite band, but you also want to have your camera, mac, wet wipes, snacks, wallet, and all the other festival gubbins with you. Still, there is nothing more annoying than a person with no spatial awareness, knocking you back and forth like a human pin ball. Bum bags are cool, okay?! Use one, go on.

Hair dread
I’m no stranger to a dodgy hair day, especially in gig scenarios. Still, let’s all think (and think again) before we opt for an oversized bun, exaggerated updo or curly mane. A weighty dreadlock can also do a hell of a lot of damage when it hits you at turbo head-banging speed; they don’t taste too good either by the way. A sassy swish of hair from a girl can also achieve a whipping speed like nothing else, trust me. Admittedly, I’m still struggling with all of the above.

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