Festivals: simple money saving tips

Want money saving tips to help keep the fun times rolling this summer? Fashion Blogmaster, Sophie Eggleton, shares her best advice.

When you think about how many acts you have the opportunity to watch over a weekend, a festival is awesome value for money. That said, times are tough, and most of us are always looking for ways to save some vital pennies. So if you’ve forked out for a festival ticket, here are some ways you can conserve money towards your next gig ticket…

First up, some festivals offer up early bird tickets at a discount – if you know you’re going to want to go, get those tickets ASAP!

Hogwarts Express

If you are travelling by train, book tickets well in advance. Prices tend to get very steep nearer to the date.

Or even consider travelling by bus – some days are also cheaper to travel on, so compare the costs and decide whether you can leave a day later or earlier to save money.

Camping essentials

If you have to drive by car, try to find friends you can car share with. There are also plenty of sites like that can link up people driving from similar locations.

You can get tents pretty cheaply these days, with most supermarkets offering affordable pop-up and simple style tents. First though, utilise your social media to check if someone you know has a spare tent that you could borrow for the weekend. Every little saving helps, after all! 

Camping essentials

Take high-energy, non-perishable foods with you. They’ll keep your spirits up and help to save money before your main meals. If you’re camping, pick up some disposable BBQs before you go and share the shopping list out amongst your camp buddies.

Are there festival toiletries you all need to buy? Perhaps you can share some of the essentials with your friends – it’ll save money and help to lighten the load when packing! 

Many of you won’t want to bring your full-sized, and expensive, make-up to a festival, but before you buy miniature versions of everything, try picking up some gift samples from the beauty counters (they’re enough to last a weekend).

Camping essentials

Make a list of things you need to bring. Forgetting vital bits, things like sunscreen, can prove to be costly.

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