Five songs we would love to hear at Chip’s shows

The veteran rapper returns with a new album and UK shows.

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At the tender age of only 27, this UK veteran rapper has dropped his fourth studio album, and announced an upcoming tour and we cannot wait.

If you’re wondering if it’s the same Chip of former title Chipmunk, then you are correct, but try and keep up with his growth from boy to man as his lyrics have always been wiser than his years, and the new album Ten10 just solidifies his relevance and maturity in a now thriving UK grime and hip hop scene.

From hits as far back as Chip Diddy Chip and Diamond Rings on his sophomore album I am Chipmunk, to Honestly (featuring 67), Confirmed and the highly underrated collaboration with Ella Mai of Boo’d up fame on Hit Me Up on the third studio album League Of My Own II, Chip has celebrated commercial success. Fittingly his new album is shaping up to be noting less than excellence personified.

Having teamed up with some of the UK’s finest rappers, Chip maintains his suave lyrics on any feature and has always supported his contemporaries whenever called upon. This mas made him not just a gent but a scholar of the UK rap game.

With 2018 seemingly welcoming the return of ‘beef/diss tracks’ to the rap game, Chip has never ran away from a feud. Although all seems calm between the rappers now, his well-documented diss record aimed at Tinie Tempah (Coward), as well as other beefs with Bugzy Malone and Yungen, only display the tip of the iceberg of Chip’s ever growing lyrical genius.

So, if you haven’t had the pleasure, here are five tracks that we hope he blesses us with on his newly announced tour:

Chip Diddy Chip

If you never copped wind of his first few music videos like Who Are You and Beast featuring Loick Essien (where is he now?), than let’s introduce you to Chip with this absolute banger, and including actor Adam Deacon in the video. How could you not want to hear this song?

Chipmunk - Chip Diddy Chip (Video (Long Version))

Game Over

This grime mega-collaboration from Tinchy Stryder, welcoming some of UK’s finest artists, is surely one of those videos that the former home of grime channel U/AKA must have been sick of seeing requested. It showcased some of the UK talent now dominating the UK scene.

Tinchy Stryder - Game Over (Ft. Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example & Chipmunk)

Pow 2011

This time an artist-filled collaboration from Lethal Bizzle, who says we could get another version with current grime stars. Colour us excited, or even colour us fully onboard for this, ALL DAY.


Hit Me Up

Showing his more sensitive side, with the elegant tones of Ella Mai on the chorus, this banger is unmistakably a pick up line we can only assume has been used a few too many times, galis.


Darth Vader

Lyrically, this is an insane beat by Lil Silva & Sampha that Chip just rode like it was nothing. The video is a Matrix/Inception inspired masterpiece that sees Chip going off, and the pure genius of music video director Carly Cussen.


Chip tours the UK on the following dates:

7 February 2019 – Concorde 2, Brighton
10 February 2019 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
11 February 2019 – Academy 3, Manchester
12 February 2019 – O2 Institute, Birmingham
16 February 2019 – Electric Ballroom, London

Tickets for Chip will be available from 10:00 on Friday 19 October 2018 through