New: Edith Bowman shortlists her favourite competition entries so far

Edith Bowman has teamed up with Ticketmaster’s Festie Guru to give one unsigned artist the chance to play the gig of a lifetime.

To celebrate the release of her new book, Edith Bowman’s Great British Music Festivals, the DJ and presenter is looking for one talented new artist to perform at the book launch on 13 May.

In the run up to announcing the competition winner on 6 May, Edith is listening to ALL your entries and selecting her favourites each week. If you haven’t entered yet, don’t miss Edith’s top tips for new musicians.

Check out the shortlist so far…

Who: Ali Robertson
Edith says: “Really caught my attention this, simple but lovely melody and voice.”
Listen: Nothing Without You

Who: Atlantic Shore
Edith says: “I love the sound and the lovely melodies.”
Listen: Stay Here

Who: Bloodflower
Edith says: “This is brilliant and fresh. I love the ’80s vibes and the vocals work so well with the beats; he has a touch of Matt Bellamy to him.”
Listen: People/Places

Bloodflower - People / Places

Who: Dear Stars
Edith says: “Great musicianship and I love the voice; a good tune.”
Listen: Hero In Our Eyes

Dear Stars - Hero In Our Eyes

Who: Atiptoe
Edith says: “Hooked on this from first note. Great stuff.”
Listen: Sir Real

Atiptoe - "Sir Real" (Official Music Video)

Who: Miracle Glass Company
Edith says: “Like the psychedelic-ness of this.  Great sound.”
Listen: T.R.O.U.B.L.E

Miracle Glass Company - T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (Live at The Voodoo Rooms)

Who: Auctopus
Edith says: “Simple but beautifully put together.”
Listen: Sleepless Within

Who: Common Ground
Edith says: “Great guitar pop.”
Listen: The Rules of Life

Who: Kilkovec
Edith says: “Brilliant, this made me want to get up and rock out.”
Listen: Sick Of This

Kilkovec - "I Know I Don't" Ugly Duck Records - A BlankTV World Premiere!

Who: Real Life Charm
Edith says: “Reminded me of a lot of the things I like but still had originality.”
Listen: Desire


Who: Barli
Edith says: “LOVE this, really different and really stood out for me.”
Listen: Rum Woman

Who: Eva Stone
Edith says: “What a voice!”
Listen: 25 years –

Who: Love Nor Money
Edith says: “This instantly grabbed me – a great pop record.”
Listen: Shake Me

Who: Middleman
Edith says: “Brilliant production and emotion in the song, plus the bass is fantastic.”
Listen: Spinning Plates

Middleman - Spinning Plates

Who: YipiOK
Edith says: “This Made me want to be at a gig.”
Listen: Tango

Who: Monticule
Edith says: “fantastic voice, and I love the slide guitar in this.”
Listen: In The Long Run