Download Festival 2015 welcomes Progress Wrestling

Progress Wrestling will make its Donington debut this summer, with organisers dubbing it a new era for on-site festival entertainment.

They’re not wrong!

Just when we thought Download couldn’t get any more badass, they’ve gone and thrown a bunch of rebellious wrestlers into the mix.

Progress Wrestling, as co-creator Jim Smallman recently explained, is ‘part punk gig, part away end at a football match’.

The Download Dog made his appearance at Progress’ blockbuster event, Progresslemania, last weekend (22 March); where he invited the entire roster to Donington this summer.

That’s all except Progress champion Jimmy Havoc, who was left less than impressed when the Download Dog didn’t extend the invite his way. Setting up the drama for June, fans can expect this feud to continue in the Donington ring.

Progress Wrestling Comes to Download 2015 | Download Festival

Progress Wrestling joins headliners Slipknot, Muse and Kiss across the three-day festival, plus main support Judas Priest, Faith No More and Mötley Crüe.

Download Festival 2015 takes place between 12 – 14 June, weekend and day tickets are on sale now

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