Review: Into It. Over It. delivers something very special in London

Chicago’s Evan Thomas Weiss returns to the UK for a very special double album Into It. Over It. show, complete with full band.

Having last appeared in England’s capital at the comparably large Scala, the first date of Weiss’ semi-residency at The Lexington is notably intimate. It serves his emotionally dense lyrics well, as he questions the audience over their willingness to subject themselves to what he calls two of the saddest albums of all time.

Weiss is joined by his friends on stage for a marathon performance of his most recent Standards record, and its predecessor, Intersections. With 24 tracks to play through, he hasn’t made it easy on himself and his bandmates (having already played with tonight’s support, Tancred), yet finds time to use the intricate guitar tuning to his advantage. Where Weiss excels, perhaps even more so than his beautiful songwriting, is his on-stage approachability.

Into It. Over It. "No EQ" (Official Video)

Be it making quips about British and American stereotypes, or his light-hearted recollection of relationship based anecdotes that had him adventure around London, Weiss is in person as unashamedly honest as his lyrics. The result is unparalleled in its friendliness, heightened by the die-hard following of tonight’s crowd.

It allows for a relaxed atmosphere. The very occasional musical mistake – the band are playing some of these songs live for the very first time – is laughed off with ease, only adding to Weiss’ endearing personality. It somehow makes it all the more special, as the audience are offered an enticingly raw Into It. Over It. performance.

Into It. Over It. hasn’t announced any further UK dates just yet, but keep your eyes on for when he does.