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Watch the exclusive Ticketmaster premiere session of Stephanie's new track, Nothing Of You Left To Love.

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We’re thrilled to bring you new music from Irish singer-songwriter Stephanie Rainey. Her influences encompass everyone from Alison Krauss to Coldplay and Neil Young to Florence and The Machine, and now she’s recorded a very special session for her new track Nothing Of You Left To Love.

About the single Stephanie says: “The single about that person who really helps you when you can’t see the wood from the trees. They snap you out of the negative and push you into the positive whether you like it or not, which to me is a sign of true and unconditional love. Everybody needs that person. I’ve learned to really love and appreciate the people I have while I have them and I think the song reflects that. It’s a really fun track and I absolutely love playing it live.”

Watch the session below:

Stephanie Rainey - Nothing Of You Left To Love (Acoustic Version)


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