Interview: We catch up with Doc Brown ahead of RNIB’s See Through Sound concert

RNIB’s inaugural See Through Sound concert takes place at London’s Cadogan Hall on Friday 14 October 2016 and will feature performances from a stellar line-up of artists, including Badly Drawn Boy, Newton Faulkner, Doc Brown, Kevin Simm, Vaults and Andy Jordan.

As sighted people, do we listen with our eyes? What if we couldn’t see the performers, the stage, the environment, the lights or other audience members?

That is what concertgoers will find out at See Through Sound. While the artists perform the audience will be wearing Sim Specs – glasses that simulate sight loss – to provide a brief insight into living with sight loss.

Tickets are still available at £25, plus it’s all for a good cause. The gig aims to raise funds and awareness for the work the RNIB does with the blind and partially sighted in the UK.

Ahead of his appearance at RNIB’s See Through Sound we asked rapper, comedian, actor and recent star of Life Of The Road Doc Brown a few questions…

Why did you decide to get involved with the See Through Sound concert for RNIB?

It’s always that extra bit satisfying to do something with a cause or something that has a more lasting effect, or simply something that raises awareness. It’s hard in the modern age to feel like you’re making a positive impact on anything, so a gig like this helps that.

Will you be trying out the Sim Specs RNIB will be handing out at the event?

Most definitely! No point in being alive if you aren’t willing to try viewing the world a different way every now and again!

Do you have any personal experience of sight loss, either yourself, or friends and family?

Not personally, but I have friends who are partially sighted.


Do you think the concert will feel different, and do you think you will have to change your performance style?

That’s part of the attraction for me. One element to what I do has always been visual so I’ll have to think smarter to retain the essence of certain sections of my work.

What songs will you be performing at the concert, any new material? Will you also be doing any of your stand-up?

It will all be new stand-up material. Maybe I’ll end on a song, who knows? But if I do, that’ll be new too. All those songs on YouTube have being buzzing around for four years, no one wants to hear them anymore – most of all me!

What else do you have coming up?

My next big project will be an album of actual music, not parody or comedy. A return to my roots really.

Buy tickets for the RNIB’s See Through Sound concert on Friday 14 October at Codagon Hall, London at