A brief history of the BRIT awards

This Friday tickets for the BRIT Awards 2014 go on general sale, so we thought we’d lay out a little of the history of the British Phonographic annual pop music awards – aka the BRITS… or we could just get down to what everyone is really interested in: who’ll be fighting, snogging and twerking their way through the 2014 awards.

This year you can even join the voting, well for your favourite moment –  join us on Twitter by using the #TMBESTOFTHEBRITS and let us know your best BRIT Awards moment! And if you need some inspiration here are some of the best – and worst –  bits of The BRIT Awards.

1989  Thanks to Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood’s truly horrendous presenting skills, this was the last time the BRITS was broadcast live. Not scandalous –  just tragic!

1990 Queen frontman Freddie Mercury made his last public performance.

1992 KLF planned to throw buckets of blood at the audience, but after their lawyers convinced them this might not be a great idea they instead fired blanks from machines guns as they exited stage right, and the music industry.

1996 I think I can see the moon… Jarvis Cocker took to the stage to, well, show us his bottom during Michael Jackson’s performance of Earth Song.

1996 Oasis took a pop at Michael Hutchinson by taking to the stage to announce that: “Has-beens shouldn’t be presenting awards to gonna-bes.”

1997 The Spice Girls wore those outfits on stage and challenged Liam Gallagher to “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.”

1998 Chumbawamba gave John Prescott the cold shoulder, in the form of a bucket of iced water that is. Brrrrr.

2000 Another challenge, but still Liam Gallagher. This time Robbie Williams challenges Liam Gallagher to a televised boxing match for £100,000. We would have begged, borrowed and stolen the money to see that.

2003 Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue got to know each other on stage – take note Miley, no twerking.

2007 Joss Stone appeared to have forgotten where she was from and swapped her Devon roots for a very dodgy American accent. #cringeomgturnoffthetvIcannotstanditanylonger

2010 Jay Z made the headlines for his antics post-awards, after he reportedly banned white people from entering the VIP area of his lavish after party

2012 James Corden had to cut Adele’s acceptance speech for Best British Female Solo Artist and Best British Album short.  While we love her to bits, let’s be honest, we were all a little bit grateful.

Aside from the feuds, water fights, stage crashes and career lows – or highs, for some –  we love the BRITS for those ‘water cooler moments’ and of course that iconic design.

This year it comes courtesy of designer to the superstars, Philip Treacy, who joins past designers Damien Hirst, Sir Peter Blake and Dame Vivienne Westwood.

So as we get ready for another year of fun and frivolous scandal why not checkout our best of the BRITS playlist and take a trip down memory lane with our Pinterest board… ENJOY!