Booking fees explained

There’s been a lot in the press today about booking fees and we want to assure you, the fans, that we’re always striving to make the ticket buying experience as easy, and transparent, for you as possible.

We’ve already made a lot of changes to the site so that you can clearly see what fees you’re being charged. When you land on an artist page, under the event details you can click on ‘price range’ which shows you the ticket price and the booking fees. We put this onto the site in December 2009, one of the first agents to do so.


In the coming weeks, you will see more changes which will make the whole experience even better for you.

Along with the ticket price and booking fee, we will also show all of the available delivery options, and we are going to display this information earlier in the purchasing process. You will then be able to choose what is best for you to ensure you get the right tickets quickly and conveniently.

As the market leader, we take our commitment to 100% transparency very seriously indeed. These changes will make our website fairer and clearer. They will ensure that we meet industry regulatory standards, and mean that you can buy with ease and confidence online with Ticketmaster.

We know that no one likes booking fees, but the complex nature of our business means that we need to charge them to ensure that right from the first step of the event-going experience, booking a ticket on our website, is as easy for you as possible. For the first time in history, we allowed the media into our customer service centre in Manchester to learn how these fees are being used to provide fans with a range of services. You can listen to the You&Yours report on BBC Radio 4 here.