Bakermat: “British crowds are not easy to please!”

Best known for his instrumental deep house sound, Dutch producer Bakermat will take to the stage this Bank Holiday weekend at South West Four 2016.

We check in with the man himself, aka Lodewijk Fluttert, ahead of his appearance on the Silver City stage on Sunday at South West Four.

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How’s festival season been treating you so far this summer?

“Very good! It’s been an awesome season from hosting my own stage at Tomorrowland to even hosting my own festival on Kingsday in Amsterdam. It’s been a beautiful summer once again with a lot of great festivals worldwide!”

What’s your secret to stage confidence when you play in front of such big crowds?

“Well there’s not really a secret. I’ve been doing this for three years now and you just kind of get used to it after a while. I don’t get nervous anymore for shows, but I do always feel a healthy kind of pressure. I want to perform well.”

How are you feeling about playing South West Four?

“I’m really excited actually. I’ve already done so many cool gigs in London, like my own headlining shows at Brixton Academy and the Electric Brixton, and I always really dig the crowd here. I have a great musical connection with the London crowd so it should be a great gig at SW4!”

What can we expect from your SW4 set?

“My shows are usually very uplifting. My live sets are all about ‘feel good’. I want to give people a euphoric experience and let them enjoy the music, without having to worry about ‘being cool’ or looking good. I always want my crowd to be so sucked into the music and show that they forget their surroundings. I’m a very enthusiastic performer and you will definitely see me dancing on stage as well, haha!”

What do you like most about performing for British crowds?

“They’re really there for the music, and they are actually not super easy to please. I love an audience that’s critical, where I really have to push my boundaries and work. It makes it more satisfying to eventually see them having a great time!”

What’s been your song of the summer? 

“‘Sigala – Give Me Your Love (feat. John Newman & Nile Rodgers)’. Such a fresh and uplifting summer tune! Also very well written actually and musically top notch.”

Are there any new trends in electro, techno and house music that you’ve noticed recently?

“Well I actually think people are kind of waiting for a new thing to pop off. We had the tropical phase and now the trap/bass phase is a bit hot. But what’s gonna be the next big thing? I think someone will rise up soon with a totally new sound!”

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