Are faraway festivals more than the fashion we see online?

Since Coachella Festival became an event spread across two separate weekends, we’ve had double the dose of outfit envy.

We have also been exposed to a lengthy period of festival bragging, some will argue…

Set in sunny California, it has become the go-to festival for celebrities, ‘it’ people, hanger-ons…. and wannabe hanger-ons – not forgetting all the genuine music fans, of course! Due to the picturesque location and high percentage of famous attendees, Coachella has become the ideal environment for fashion brands to host parties; documented and shared around the world by photographers, press, vloggers and bloggers.

Oh, the weather…

I think the closest thing we have in the UK is Glastonbury, Wireless, or V Festival in terms of the finest fashion displays from our most papped style stars. These influencers will be spotted in the guest or VIP areas, working their latest festival look from their chosen brands. Our unpredictable weather means there’s always a sense of holding back – the kind of restrictions you won’t find at Coachella. The fact that the terrain and climate allows for open toes, white dresses, heels, and so on, means it was always going to be hailed the festival of fashion.

Kendall Jenner Coachella Instagram

Image: Kendall Jenner / Instagram

I for one have a love/hate relationship with the Insta-spamming that comes with festivals set in the sunshine. I have openly said I’ve always wanted to attend Coachella, for one. I have been braving the elements at UK festivals for 15 years now, and although wading in mud, obtaining an accidental dreadlock, and dancing in your musty old rain mac has a definite charm, I do long for a festival experience where I can attempt to wear less practical clothes.

I’ve always felt it a triumph not to smell of other people’s sweat, and have constant fear that I have excrement somewhere on my leggings – I once even found a noodle in my hair. It would feel a real treat to wear something so fabulous that I’d actually be sad if it got ruined. I’ve also succumbed the allure of Coachella’s glamour – the thought of sitting with my toes in a pool, sipping on a mocktail in-between acts, and obsessing over a nearby Jenner, Chung, Bosworth (and their outfit).

Defying the fashion rules…

Beyond what we portray as the Coachella uniform – boho, gladiator sandals, fedora, feathers and fringed-everything – there are plenty of fashionistas doing their own, more unique thing, and refusing to totally adopt the festival fashion rules.

With the mainstream media focusing on celebrity outfits over line-ups, it’s easy to assume some festivals aren’t giving music enough focus. While I think the sense of bragging is probably the cause of most annoyance for many, I still wish I was there. Is it wrong to document the whole thing on Instagram? That may be a whole other rant entirely…

If I ever get to Coachella, I will be probably post a picture in my sun-friendly outfits, and attempt some arty pictures of the Coachella landscape. I will, however, also be banging on about how good that bands are and how happy it made me. Don’t judge me, will you.

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