Anastacia: Five reasons why she is the fiercest lady in music

With news that Anastacia doing a UK tour in May 2016 we’ve been doing some Anastacia appreciation and have come to the conclusion that she is one fierce mega-babe, and here is why:

“I’m no punk, I can get down, I don’t give a damn about who’s around” – Anastacia, Paid My Dues

1. She wrote I’m Outta Love, a song about heart break but also a complete and total belter. She’s not taking this heartbreak sitting down, she is attacking it with full vocal force that creates a potentially dangerous wind tunnel for anyone close by. This song was not only performed TO DEATH in X Factor auditions; it was also the biggest selling song of 2000. She also wrote floor-fillers Paid My Dues, Not That Kind, One Day In Your Life and Left Outside Alone. This many massive tunes = fierce.

2. She’s a fighter, and we don’t mean in that ‘pop star battles being dumped again and their tour is making them miserable but smiled today’ – way, we mean with much, much heavier stuff. She’s been very open about her battle with breast cancer since 2003, and her double mastectomy in order to finally remove it. And since? She is happy and healthy and channeled that energy into her last album Resurrection and continues to work with Breast Cancer Awareness. Yup, top level fierce.

3. Two words: Role Model but a real one who doesn’t parp on about it all the time. She basically conducts herself well, bravely and is a good person to look to when you’re worried about – oh, illness, ageing, boobs, career upheavals, wearing glasses, and the usual – not being Taylor Swift. Bringing out the fierce in you? Very fierce.

4. The lady looks VERY good! You’ll find most articles point out how old she is (yes, she is over 40 everyone, stop going on about it already) but let’s be completely honest here – she looks BLINGIN’, with some serious sass and well, fierce.


She even pulls off cornrows.

anastacia cornrows best

5.  Positivity, she’s got it in spades!

anastacia positive

For example, when she talks about her painful surgery to reconstruct her breasts (that she freely invites interviewers to take a closer look at)

“What a painful surgery! I could have taken three mastectomies over that pain. It was so hard.  But the sun shining over all the pain was a little voice singing ‘I ain’t got cancer!’”

This is some serious and incredibly fierce positive mental attitude right here.

“I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m cancer-free and I’m promoting my new album that I’m very proud of. What more could anyone want?”

What more could we want? How about some tickets to your upcoming tour please Anastacia?

Tickets for Anastacia’s UK tour go on sale on Friday 20 November. Below are the dates.


MAY 2016

MONDAY                 2        LONDON PALLADIUM



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