What we learned watching Amber Mark live

The Ticketmaster New Music star shines triumphant at London's Oslo.

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A sold out crowd pack into Oslo, located in the heart of East London. The draw is true global citizen (and former Ticketmaster New Music star) Amber Mark, who has honed her equally soulful and danceable sound while regularly moving from country to country. Currently residing in New York City her music is underpinned by a clear love for traditional R&B, and a willingness to upheave the stylistic norm. A live appearance of Sade cover Love Is Stronger Than Pride, which also appears on this year’s Conexão EP, acts as a conscious nod to her musical forebears.

Mark’s catalogue glides from the heartbreak and pain of 3:33am, a dedication to her late mother, to her most recent single release Put You On, a collaboration with the multitalented rapper and singer DRAM. Her live show embodies the journey, from the deeply personal to the outright celebratory. All the while it’s Amber’s voice that paves the way; note perfect and silky smooth.

Amber Mark - Put You On ft. DRAM (Official Video)


Here’s what we learned from watching Amber Mark live:

Her live vibe seriously builds on her recorded music

None of Amber Mark’s intricacies are lost when her songs are taken to a whole new level live. Love Me Right, the standout from Conexão, is delivered with a clever dance vibe largely thanks to her notably tight live band. Her more delicate moments carry a rawer, personal edge. For music that’s already filled with an atypical blend of sensuality, introspection and power, it’s genuinely exciting to hear it reimagined without losing any of its soul.

Her voice is flawless

Every note is perfect, and the delivery is brimming with passion. Whether Amber Mark is singing about the pain of her upbringing, or complimenting the upbeat nature of Put You On, the quality of her performance never wavers. She displays an impressive ability to cover both ends of the spectrum, and commands the stage with ease throughout. She’ll have you on the verge of tears and with your dancing shoes on in one breath.

Amber draws you into the show

This is a really inclusive experience, with Amber addressing and interacting with the crowd with ease. Much to the delight of the fans, it’s impossible not to become part of her world. When Amber encourages the room to dance, they oblige. When she takes a moment to strip things back, the room falls impressively silent. There’s clearly nothing but awe for the sounds emanating from the stage.

She’s easily got what it takes to be huge

It’s certainly not surprising that Amber is being tipped for big things in 2019. Her final headline UK performance of the year is nothing short of triumphant. Mark is driven by her understanding and love of the artists that has paved the way for her, an ability to modernise classic sounds, and the skill to pull it all together into a vibrant, smooth and ultimately mesmerising live show.

Amber Mark - Love Me Right (Official Video)

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