Playlist: The 10 best bands to ever play at Download Festival

In honour of Metal Day we’ve rounded up our some of our all time favourite bands to ever play at Download Festival.

Do you agree with our choices?

Tool (2006)

It’s been 10 years since Maynard James and the guys graced the stage at Donington Park, and they have definitely been missed.


Black Sabbath (2012)

This year was lovingly nicknamed “Drownload” following the torrential rain, but for the hardcore campers that stuck it out, Black Sabbath provided an amazing end to rather muddy weekend.


Slipknot (2013)

No Download list would be complete without the masked men! 2013 was their first Download appearance since the unfortunate passing of Paul Gray, and the guys put on an incredible, emotionally charged set in his honour. Plus, watching 100,000 metal fans “jump the f*** up” during Spit it Out was truly amazing to see.


Iron Maiden  (2016)

Metal royalty arrived to Donington in style in Ed Force One, the Boeing 747 piloted by none other than front-man Bruce Dickinson himself! Now that is an entrance we’ll always remember.


Korn (2016)

Bagpipes at Download? Sounds crazy, but nothing will send more chills up your spine than the intro to Shoots and Ladders bellowing out across the fields of Donington Park.


Rammstein (2013) 

Don’t speak German? Who cares! Rammstein always bring immense energy to the stage at Download. Oh and fire, lots and lots of fire!


System of a Down (2011)

If you went to Download in 2011, then 2017’s line-up is sure to get you excited! After a six-year hiatus SOAD showed us exactly what we were missing when their headline set ignited mass mosh-pits throughout Donington.


Dying Fetus (2014)

In 2014 fans started asking #whynotdyingfetus following the first Download announcement, which was shortly followed by them being booked for the bill! Proof that Download really listen to what their fans want!


Metallica (2012)

The rock titans performed the legendary Black album in its entirety, do we need to say more?


AC/DC (2010)

NOTHING says ‘rock legend’ like having your own stage at Download, and that’s exactly what AC/DC did. Angus Young and the guys ensured the best for fans by bringing their full stadium show to Donington Park, including a stage crashing locomotive!


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