Review: Minimasters watch Horrible Histories

Minimasters Katie (12) and Amelia (14) head to watch Horrible Histories Barmy Britain in the West End – here’s their review!

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“Horrible Histories’ new show in the West End is all about the barmy past of Great Britain and it gives audiences a chance to meet people from history in a fun and informative way. Even though everyone is dead!

“The show was amazing because it was child friendly and really encouraged the audience to join in. It’s packed full of countless songs and funny jokes that really pulls the show together – no mean feat given the show covers such an expanse of history in such a short time.

“The audience clearly loved it, and the theatre was filled with the laughter throughout the show.

“The show is mainly aimed at children in primary school, and it’s a really clever way to engage them, make them laugh and keep their minds active. We’d definitely recommend the show to families with kids aged around 10-years-old who are looking for something fun to do.

“Much like the TV and books that have made the Horrible Histories series so well-known, this stage show also doesn’t shy away from being cheeky, gruesome and grizzly –and that makes it even more fun.

“On the day we saw the show, the main actress on stage drank so much water as part of a silly sketch that she accidentally let out a burp halfway through the show. It was really funny and really illustrates the silly humour that makes Horrible Histories so much fun.

Thanks Minimaster!”

Watch Katie and Amelia take on the Horrible Histories Quiz below:

minimasters take on the Horrible Histories quiz

Tickets for Horrible Histories Barmy Britain are available at But be quick, the show closes on Saturday!