Review: Minimasters head to The Big Feastival

Minimaster Heidi (6) and her family returned to The Big Feastival to tell us why they keep going back – here's her review of 2017!

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“Together with my brother Hector (aged 4), and sister Alice (aged 1 1/2) we went with our mummy and daddy to the Big Feastival at Alex James’ Farm. We just went for the day on Friday and drove there from home. It wasn’t very far, and we got there early so it was very quick to park the car and walk to the gates. We got our wrist bands from a nice lady called Sara in the box office and then went to explore the Feastival. We have been here about four times before, and every year we get really excited to go again. There is always loads to do, and each year we find new stuff so we were really excited.

“When we got into the Feastival the first things we saw were loads of funfair rides. We went into the Tranformers tent and played with toys and went on a slide – we also had a photo with a Transformer.

“Next we went on the Helter-Skelter, where Hector got stuck half way down and the man had to climb up and get him! I didn’t – and went really fast!

“After that we went to the Play-Doh kitchen, where we made some ice creams and funny character – we played there for a bit and had some fun on the mushrooms they had in there!

“Next came the My Little Pony bus, where Alice and I had our video taken and then I got my face painted with glitter.

“All this fun was hard work. We were given some free coconut water, and then we went to have our picnic near a giant coconut. Mummy and Daddy had some calamari and bao buns which they said were delicious.

“We were not in the main arena and could hear really loud music. I went on the big wheel with Mummy and Hector, while Alice went on the mini carousel. We were trying to find the animals that you can pet – on the way there we found a sports day. I entered a sack race, skipping race and then had a water fight. I won three medals!

“We then found the farm and all held baby chicks, rabbits, and stroked goats and sheep.

“On our way out we bought some cheese from Alex James. He must be very kind to let everyone come to his farm and have fun. He looked like he was having fun as he was playing music and dancing!

“The best thing about the whole day was buying a fox tail with my pocket money. There were loads of tails to choose from but I liked this one the best.

“We’ve been going to The Big Feastival for a few years now and I really want to go again, but next year I want to camp there, because going for one day isn’t enough time to see and do everything.”

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