Minimasters watch The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We sent Lewis and his little brother Dexter to watch The Tiger Who Came to Tea at the Piccadilly Theatre in London.

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea is currently running in the West End at the Piccadilly Theatre in London for a very special summer season. The stage production is celebrating its 10th anniversary as well as its 50th anniversary of being one of Britain’s best loved picture books, written by Judith Kerr. We sent Minimasters Lewis and his little brother Dexter to watch the show, and here’s what they thought of their favourite book coming alive on stage:

We went to see The Tiger That Came to Tea on 12 August 2018 at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. We went with my mum and dad.

We drove up to London early as the show was at 11:00 and we knew if we left early, there wouldn’t be too much traffic. We got to London in under an hour and even got a parking space close by.

We had brilliant seats, fourth row from the front so we could see everything. The play was really good. It was a lot like the book but with lots of added extras and some songs in it.

I loved the tiger, he was very funny. Although he didn’t speak, his actions made me laugh. I especially liked it when the tiger turned up at the beginning and Sophie and her mum went to answer the door but the Tiger kept hiding.

My little brother Dexter is autistic and has limited language so he was unable to tell me his best bits. However he loved the tiger and was so excited to see him, pointing and screaming with excitement.

This is Dexter’s favourite book and we read it every night. He knew what part of the story was coming next with his favourite line being, “It can’t be Daddy as he has got his key.”

I think people should take their children to watch this play if they love the book. It is very similar and I think they will love the show too.

I didn’t think I would like the show as I’m a bit bored hearing the book every night when my brother has it read to him, however I did enjoy it as they made it funny. It was nice hearing all the little children knowing all the words and their mummies and daddies joining in too. I loved seeing my brother with a big smile on his face throughout the play.

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