Minimasters review Geronimo Festival!

Our newest Minimaster recruits, James 7, and Grayson, 4, get stuck in at Geronimo Festival with their family. Follow their adventure here…


My mum and dad took my 4-year-old brother, Grayson, and I to Geronimo Festival on Saturday, and then again on Monday.

On Saturday we both felt really excited about going to the event, especially when we saw the big tents and the helter skelter from the car window.


Here we are with the rubber ducks we painted in the arts and crafts tent.


There’s lots going on at Geronimo Festival, we even saw Mr Bloom, Alex Winters and Swashbuckle from CBeebies, they were really funny.


It’s really fun for lots of kids and there are loads of exciting things to do there such as bouncy castles, circus, puppet show, climbing areas and singing and dancing. There were also sandpits, BMX bike displays, a HUGE zip line, den hiding, a petting zoo and baby ballet.


The Festival Circus was my favourite bit on Saturday, and I enjoyed the Extreme Mountain Bike Show. We were taught how to spin plates as part of the circus skills area – my mum was better at it than all of us!


The Monkey Do was fun too; I got to go in a big green net which shakes you around between the trees. Both things were loads of fun! I learnt that the nets on Monkey Do (tree climbing) are cargo nets and that they are so strong they could hold a car.


Then we met Ranger Rob, who had lots of animals, and we learnt that scorpions can lift rocks that are much heavier than them.

Kids were also allowed to hold animals with Ranger Rob and ride donkeys and horses, and also win some sweets by solving the clues on a bear hunt.


Grayson enjoyed the bouncy castles, and the circus. He told me he loved it! We both enjoyed the pig show because it was really funny and interesting.


There was another climbing area that was so fun too, and I’d like to do it again. I even asked my mum and dad if I could take it up as a new hobby.

We found this giant Lego man at the Sea Life and Lego tent – he was amazing!


We would DEFINITELY go to this event again, it was AWESOME!!!!! I’d like to camp out there again, I think my whole family enjoyed it as much as I did.


We did eat too many churros though, they were just too yummy!!