Minimasters let loose at Kids Week launch

For our first trip, we went to the launch of Kids Week to check out all the action. Kids Week is really cool, because our parents can take us to our favourite shows for free (but they’ve still gotta buy their tickets – ha!) There’s also loads of cool activities, like singing and dancing lessons, puppetry and, erm, alien activities… hmmm.

Steve Bliss-7948

We snuck backstage and met Joey from War Horse in his stable, where we found out that it takes three adults to make the horse neigh – and it was really loud!!!

Steve Bliss-7957

We also really liked the songs in Let It Be, but thought their haircuts looked kinda funny.

We then got to interview some of the actors from the shows. First of all we spoke to a really cool lady called Danyah, who is the Librarian in I Believe in Unicorns. She was really nice and told us all about the story, what it’s like to be in the show and why books are great!

Steve Bliss-8010

We also spotted an alien from Aliens Love Underpants and got a selfie with him – we tried to talk to him but he only spoke alien.

Steve Bliss-1685

After we met the alien we got to colour in some underpants and hang them on the line – we held our noses in case they smelt bad!

Steve Bliss-8086

We high-fived the Elephantom as he went past and he was happy to give hugs to loads of other kids too.

Steve Bliss-8188

We interviewed some musicians from What The Ladybird Heard, and they even played us a song!

Steve Bliss-8141

We then got to chat to loads of other kids about what shows they are most looking forward to at Kids Week.

Steve Bliss-1694

After interviewing the other kids, me and Ethan really want to see Matilda, Wicked and War Horse next as lots of the other kids seem to like them too.

We got to film our very own video for MMTV (that’s Minimaster TV, for you lot that don’t know) and found out the fluffy thing the man was holding was not an animal – it’s a boom!

Our crew were really well behaved and did everything we told them to… (more sweeties though eh?)

Steve Bliss-1824 cropped

We also got to join in on a big sing-a-long where we leant songs from Mamma Mia!, Matilda and Les Misérables.

By the end of the day, we were really tired but happy – can’t wait to do it all over again!

Steve Bliss-8034

See you at loads more cool events.


Kara & Ethan