Minimasters go to watch Spurs at Wembley

As Tottenham Hotspur’s season at Wembley Stadium gets underway, we sent Minimaster Lewis (6) to watch Spurs play Burnley – here’s his review.

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“This was my first ever live football game and it was great to be at Wembley watching Spurs as they’re my dad’s favourite team.

“To get to Wembley we had to get the train and my dad took me to a café first to get us full of food! I had my first every fry-up there and also had a milkshake before getting the train.

“When we got there, we collected our tickets and went to find our seats in the stadium. Wembley was massive, but we had really good seats and could see the football players coming onto the pitch.

“I saw all of the Spurs players walking on to the pitch but was I wasn’t tall enough to see the Burnley team coming out to play and my dad refused to lift me to see them as he supports Tottenham.

“The best part of the day was seeing Spurs score. Dele Alli scored a brilliant goal and everyone nearby screamed and went crazy when the ball hit the net. It was really loud, and I had to cover my ears!

“It’s really cool being at Wembley and I’d definitely encourage other families to book tickets to any match at the stadium – no matter who is playing because it’s so good being there.

“It’s a really good way for families to spend an afternoon together and there’s loads of yummy food to eat and drink and it’s great being able to see the football players in real life.”

“I’d love to go back and be that close to the pitch again! It was an incredible day!

Thanks Minimaster!”

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