Minimasters go to Southport Air Show

We sent Minimasters James and Grayson to this year's Southport Air Show - here's their review.

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Minimasters James and Grayson enjoyed breath-taking aerobatics, exhilarating fast jets take to the skies and much, much more when they went to Southport Air Show this month – we caught up with them to find out what they got up to on the day!

What did you go to see?

We went to Southport Air Show to see loads of planes on the beach and performing exciting aerial displays in the sky – it’s was really fun! When we got there, the sand was really bumpy to drive on.

It was a really good event because it really built up to a big finish. At the start of the day, light aircraft were landing on the beach, which is something completely unique to Southport and doesn’t happen at other air shows like this.

We also wandered around the Air Show Village, where loads of people were shopping; we saw a cinema, bowling alley and loads of places to eat.

What else did you do?

We went on the climbing frames and watched all the different aeroplanes doing tricks in the sky. Some were racing each other.

We saw a replica Typhoon, a diving tank, and we got to sit in a tank and a plane, where an RAF engineer told us all about the plane we sat in and all about its history.

We also played catch with a scuba diver from the Navy, played on the a bouncy castle assault course, fired a grenade gun and playing the drums! It was really exciting!

Who or what did you see?

We saw lots of servicemen who risk their lives for us every day. They were all really nice, and it was one serviceman from the Irish guards who taught us how to play the drum.

The last jet of the show was very, very loud and fast. It left us covering our ears and watching in awe.

Why do you think families should book tickets for this event?

It’s a really fun event – especially when the weather is good!

The planes fly very low and fast and you can watch them do tricks in the sky. You can sit in your car and watch and listen to the commentary on the radio, or you can go into the tent stalls and meet servicemen, hold guns, sit on jets and tanks, and learn more about what people do for us.

You can make it even more of a family occasion with premier tickets, which let you watch the show from the pier, or by bringing a picnic and some chairs and sitting on the beach.

Check back soon for tickets for next year’s event. Want to enjoy Southport in the meantime? Head their this weekend to British Musical Fireworks Championship at Victoria Park. Tickets available here