Minimasters head to Geronimo Festival for a day of outdoor fun

Minimasters Max, Lincoln, Charlie, all 9, and Phoenix, 5, head to Geronimo Festival to hang out with Dick & Dom and tell us about their day full of outdoor excitement.

As soon as we arrived at Geronimo Festival, Max and Lincoln, who love climbing and anything where they can run around like lunatics, headed straight over to Bear Grylls’ survival obstacle course. With everyone all registered to take part, the gang got their war paint on (except for Charlie and Phoenix, who are too much of a pair of girly girls) and got ready to give it a go. Dads Dave and Bill had the added bonus (or hindrance) of a weighted rucksack to try and slow them down, and everyone was soon jumping over and ducking under branches, climbing the plyo boxes, crawling under nets and, to end, taking part in a sack race. We loved it so much we went round twice!

At the Minibeast tent we stopped and saw the owls, which just happens to be Max’s favourite. We met Sparky the barn owl who was the softest thing we have ever touched!  We learnt that a barn owl has between 28,000 and 30,000 feathers and also met Gypsy, who decided mum Vicky’s fingers would make a lovely snack – ouch!

Max then held a giant snail and a giant cockroach (eww!) and the Minibeast team told us all about the creatures they had there and answered any questions we had.  It was a really hands-on experience (literally), and even Phoenix managed to stroke the giant lizard – although the tarantula was a little too scary!

Max holding a giant snail

Max holding a giant snail

Later, Max had a go on the Hold the Bar for Two Minutes challenge, managing 31 seconds! A pretty good effort! Phoenix got to go on the My Little Pony bus, where there was a photo booth, colouring activities and a free balloon animal, which she loved! And we all went and played on the bouncy castles – and although there was a huge wait time, there were plenty of acts coming around to keep us entertained while we waited.

Next it was time to build a den. We all spent lots of time building a tepee out of branches, twigs and leaves, and the team from We Are Adventurers helped out with the build and were really impressed with our finished effort!

After a well-deserved rest in the hammocks, we headed over to the key103 stage for fluorescent face painting (we all got some done, even mums and dads!). Over in the trees we found Monkey Do, a network of suspended nets for more climbing adventures, and then, finally, Showtime! and a chance to meet Dick & Dom.

Their show was hilarious, and was fully interactive – with kids onstage throughout! It was crazy and messy, just what we expected from those jokers Dick & Dom. We all loved it.After the show we got to meet Dick & Dom and ask them a few questions:

What was it like filming the Horrid Henry Movie?

Dick: Great fun, we loved it! We had our hair very weird and our faces very white, it was great. 2Cool4School [the gameshow they play hosts of in the film] was really fun to film.

What’s the best bit of being at Geronimo Festival?

Dick: It has to be winning the Dick v Dom challenge!

Dom: Oh I don’t know, I still had fun losing and it’s a great day out!

What would you be doing right now if not here?

Dick: In the pub of course, but drinking pints of lemonade

Dom: I’d be in the park with my two kids playing on swings and slides

What’s next for Dick & Dom?

Dom: Filming new Diddy Dick & Dom and Absolute Genius

Dick: And we’re off to Bognor Regis to visit Butlins!

The whole gang with Dick & Dom

The whole gang with Dick & Dom

Overall, the day was great! The shows on stage were brilliant and the day was so fun-packed, we had to go around twice to get to all the activities! It was great being at a festival that focused on nature and animals, and encouraged us to get outdoors and have some real adventures, and Tatton Park was stunning. There was plenty of food and drink, but we loved having the option to bring a picnic. It was great to see nap-time areas in the quieter zones – but, for us, seeing pies thrown in people’s faces and singing along the cool music onstage made the day fantastic for us!

Max, Lincoln, Charlie and Phoenix were at Geronimo Festival in Tatton Park on Monday 30 May 2016. Did you go to Geronimo this year? Share your pics with us @TicketmasterUK.