Minimasters at Big Feastival 2014

The Big Feastival is all about music, food and family fun and is held on Alex James Farm near Oxford. It is three days of fun for all the family and there are lots of camping options too. To accompany the top music line-up, there are cooking demonstrations from top chefs and the best selection of food to satisfy all tastes. As well as that there are loads of things for children to keep them busy and entertained.

Heidi aged 4 and Hector aged 2 went to Big Feastival this year and this is what they had to say:

featival site

We went last year but we were too young to remember everything we did. My daddy said this year there was so much more to do and we had a really busy day exploring all the fun things. I loved everything, but my favourite bits were Adam Henson’s Farm – we held baby chicks and got to feed and stroke piglets, goats, ducks and donkeys!


After that we got to sit in a really big red tractor and we tried to make butter by shaking milk in a bottle – it was really difficult and we had to stop as our arms were getting tired. There was really funny tents made from Twiglets which you could eat – the man said there were 1 million twiglets on the tent, I started counting them but there were more than 27 so I had to stop.

We really loved the fairground rides – I went on the Helter Skelter and the Big Wheel, but Hector was too small to go on those rides – so we found the baby tea cups and all went on that together. There was a baby swing ride too that Hector really liked – he sticks his tongue out when he is happy and he had it out the whole time so must have been having lots of fun!

Feastival 2

After all the rides we were very hungry so had our lunch. Mummy and Daddy said this was their favourite bit but it took us a long time as there were so many different things to choose. Hector and I had a hot dog because sausages are our favourite food. Mummy and Daddy had some Japanese Dumplings which were too spicy for us.

In the afternoon we went and played on hay bales, listened to a band and covered Daddy in Hay while we were all dancing.

Feastival 3

We went to play lego and climbed on lots of funny looking cars. Hector needed some milk and there was a stand that was all about milk. We played on the baby cow toys while Mummy got Hector’s milk. Because I’m a big girl the man gave me a milkshake which was really nice.

featival 4
Before we went home we had some more food – this time we had fish and chips, and a pork roll. Mummy said it was special food as someone called Jamie had made it – I loved the chips and they were really crispy. Hector really liked the fish as it was like fish fingers but nicer.

Last year we went with our cousins but this year they were busy so couldn’t come. As there was so much to do Daddy said next time we could take our tent and stay for the weekend – we can’t wait for that as we love camping and we loved the feastival!

feastival 5

Hopefully our friends can come as we want to show them all the fun things to do. Mummy wants to come back too, we were having so much fun she didn’t have time to see Alex James make his cheese – she really likes him and cheese so was a bit sad when we had to go!