Minimaster reviews The X Factor Live Tour

We sent Minimaster Oliver, 10, from Hampshire to see the crazy, energy-filled X Factor Live Tour 2017 at The O2 arena – here’s his review!

“I went with my mum to see The X Factor Live Tour at The O2 arena on Saturday 25 February. We took the tube to get to The 02.

“Our tube was delayed so we arrived just as the show was about to start. We quickly went to our seats as everyone was already standing waiting for the first act to come on stage. During the interval we walked around the venue and got a drink.

The X Factor Live 2017 tour

“We were sitting very close to the small centre stage, so was very excited when some of the acts passed us on their way to the main stage including Sam Lavery, Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie.

The X Factor Live The X Factor Live

“My favourite thing was seeing Sam and the other acts on the smaller stage near to us. It meant that the show did not feel so far away from the main stage. When you are little, this can feel like a long distance.

“You should book tickets for this event if you enjoyed the TV show and followed your favourite acts through to the final. Many of the songs from the TV show were performed on the stage too. It is a family-friendly show and there were many young children there.

“We had a fab time!”

Tickets for The X Factor Live Tour 2017 are on sale now via Reckon you have a Minimaster in the making? Simply email [email protected] to sign up!