Minimaster cheers on the Barbarians at Twickenham

Last weekend Minimaster Madison, 9, had her “best day ever” at the big England v Barbarians showdown.

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The Barbarians clashed with England in the Quilter Cup match at Twickenham Stadium last Sunday and Minimaster Madison (shown above with her family) was there for every moment of the action! She shares her highlights from the thrilling game that saw England suffer its biggest ever defeat to the Baa-Baas below.

On 27 May I went to the England v Barbarians rugby match at Twickenham Stadium in London – it was the best day ever! This was my first ever Rugby match and I was so excited, the atmosphere was amazing! The day was really exciting and there were millions of people there; in fact, there were 58,166 people. There were lots of children there which made the atmosphere even better because I was surrounded by other children like me.

England v Barbarians

The atmosphere was really great because there were really nice, kind people there and it was huge, which meant there were even more people to talk to. The day was really hot and the seats that we were in were really amazing – when the rugby players came out on to the pitch we saw them because they were right below us.

England v Barbarians

The Barbarians are made up of players from different rugby teams (they wear the socks of their teams, so they all have different socks on) and when they huddle they do a dance. They rub their hands together, then they do a snake with their hands; then they rub their hands together again, then they make a lion face, then they rub their hands together again, then they make a cat noise and face, then finally they do a gorilla action.

England v Barbarians

The England squad played well but the Barbarians won. I wanted the Barbarians to win because they were really good and tried really hard. The players were from all over the world and so were the supporters. We saw food trucks from everywhere and spoke to people from all over the world. I can’t wait for my next Rugby match!

All photos of England v Barbarians – Quilter Cup by Henry Browne/Getty Images for Barbarians

Barbarians return to Twickenham on 1 December 2018 to take on Argentina for the Killik Cup. Tickets are on sale now via