Minimasters at Lollibop Festival 2014

Name: Heidi
Age: Four
Favourite bit: Having my face painted
Would you recommend to a friend? Yes

Hector and me went to this year’s Lollibop Festival to see some of our favourite shows, including Thomas & Friends,Lazy Town, Postman Pat, Scooby-Doo and Mister Maker

We really enjoyed having a go on the Bear Grylls Survival assault course. It was a bit like being at the playground, but very difficult to go under the nets, and balance on the ropes. My Daddy is doing Tough Mudder with his friends, and said I could join his team, but I think he was joking! I was so fast going around, that I won a sticker, and the man let me have another go too!

Heidi on Bear Grylls survival assualt course

Hectors favourite bit was the messy play area. He counted lots of beans in pots and it didn’t matter that they went all over the floor.

Messy Play

I love having my face painted – here there were lots of ladies, so I did it twice. On one side I had a hello kitty picture, and on the other side I had a frozen picture. Mummy felt left out so she had one done too. I wanted to keep it to show my friends but Daddy washed it off in the bath when we got home.

I saw a really tall man, the tallest man I had ever seen – I thought he was a giant! Daddy said he was on stilts, but it didn’t matter – he was really tall! I drew a picture of a Ballerina – I want to be a ballerina when I grow up. My brother and I had an Ice Cream – Daddy said it was because we were being good, I had already had a lolly too for being good but I didn’t tell Daddy that.

A bog lolly

I met Dennis the Menace, my little brother Hector was a bit scared of him at first, but he gave us a nice cuddle and that made us laugh. I didn’t know who he was but my Daddy said he used to be in comics – I asked if comics were the same as apps, but that confused my Daddy so I changed the subject.

Denice the Menace and Hector

I went to the Chris and Pui show from Show me Show me on TV. I watch their television program all of the time and loved dancing to their songs. They even gave me a photograph of themselves, which I took to show and tell at Nursery today – my friends were amazed that I have met them at LolliBop!

I made a T-Shirt in the River Island stand, it was really colourful, and Mummy said I can where it at the weekend when we are going to a party.

I climbed all over Thomas the Tank Engine – he is much bigger in real life but I don’t know how he got there, or got home as I couldn’t see any train tracks.


I found a giant teddy, he was too big to take home but I sat on his leg and ate my giant lolly which Daddy bought me for being so good.

I danced to Mr Tumble (Justin Fletcher) on mummies shoulders – she said she used to do that with Daddy when they were younger – it must have been a long time ago as I don’t think he could pick her up now!

We learned to Beep Box – this was really funny and my little brother Hector was very good at it – he can’t speak yet but the man teaching us said that didn’t matter as all sounds in Beep Box are good ones

I can’t wait to go again. All my favourite things were in one place and there was so much to do. Next time I want to take my friends so I can show them all the fun things.

Drawing a Picture in the Ballerina Tent

Next time my Brother will be a bit older so he can do even more stuff for bigger children – he’s really keen to play the Tottenham Hotspur football game – and the Nintendos.

I didn’t get to see Cook and Line from Swashbuckle so Daddy has promised to take me next year. I will wear my Pirate T-Shirt because I want to show them that.

I have told all my friends about it and they want to go to do all the things I did – some of them went on the same day but I was so busy running around I didn’t see them.

Hector and Daddy

Mummy and Daddy liked it too because it was in a beautiful park and the sun was shining. They said they liked it because they could see us having lots of fun – they also liked eating all the food and drinking all the coffee from the special stands around the place.