Why families should go and see Diversity

We sent Alfie to the opening night of Diversity's Born Ready - the 10th Anniversary Tour.

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Where did the last 10 years go? It seems like only yesterday Diversity were winning Britain’s Got Talent all the way back in 2009.

Then only 12-years-old, Perri Kiely and Mitchell Craske have grown up with the London-based group as they shot to stardom. They are celebrating their decade of dancing with a huge UK tour that shows just how far they’ve come since they first walked out on stage in front of the judges.

We sent 10-year-old street dance fan and Minimaster Alfie to see the opening night of Diversity’s Born Ready –  the 10th Anniversary Tour at the Regent Theatre in Stoke.

At school, Alfie is a Maths and Science whizz, but he looks forward to coming home to his family and his Xbox at the end of the day. When he’s not gaming, he loves watching street dancing in films and videos online. Going to see Diversity was special for him, not just because he’s a huge fan, but also because it’s the first live event he has ever attended.

Read what Alfie thought of the show below.


What happens in the Diversity Born Ready the 10th Anniversary Tour?
The show is full of all sorts of different styles of dance, not just street dancing, and Diversity also have a singer and a balancing act join them for some of their sets. They had a go at trying circus styles in their dances in their last tour, Ignite, so it was great to see them bring back those new skills.

At one point they even performed a daredevil illusion where the leader and choreographer, Ashley Banjo, had to try and escape from a water tank!

Why did you like the show?
The show was absolutely amazing, it had me feeling excited inside and I left the theatre dancing.

I loved how the show became a story told to Ashley’s child through lots of different dances that painted a picture for the audience. There was a moral to Ashley’s story too – that if you never give up, anything is possible. Diversity are living proof of this.

What were your favourite moments?
Nathan Ramsay’s sassy dance to Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies was just ace! Their special guest, STiX, was an inspiration because he danced like I had never seen before – using crutches. STiX shows you that you don’t need feet to dance and is a prime example of what Diversity are all about.

Best of all was seeing the amazing transformer dance from the Britain’s Got Talent final. This was the dance that won them the competition back in 2009, beating Susan Boyle, and it was amazing that after all this time they remember where they started.

Diversity: Dance Group - Britain's Got Talent 2009 - The Final

Diversity Born Ready the 10th Anniversary Tour continues to tour the UK until 23 November 2091 – book your tickets through