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Three ways to bring your ticketless friend to a gig with you

Your best friend can’t make it to the show, but no problem, because you can make them feel like they are right at the front.

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We’ve all heard it before. “I didn’t even realise that was happening.” “I’ve got something else that night.” “I don’t have enough money to fly to Hong Kong.” “I have to deliver life-saving heart surgery in the morning and really can’t be tired.” Although there’s obviously nothing like being at the real thing in person, it’s now easier than ever to limit that friend’s fear of missing out, even when you’re in another country, miles away from home.

Stream it directly to their phones

Pretty much every major (and minor) social media platform now has its own live function, so it couldn’t be easier to make them feel like they are with you in Finland. Point that phone at the stage just as their favourite chorus kicks in and transport the global action straight into their hands. Just make sure they are in a sensible place before their loud sing-along disturbs their whole office.

Snap the action and compile a perfect photo story

Choose the perfect angle, add a dazzling filter and share away. There’s nothing quite like reliving the Austrian experience on the flight home, and knowing that your friends are right there with you. Make a jaw-dropping slide show and snap them over to your nearest and dearest, just to make them that extra bit jealous.

Video call and share the personal experience

The days of merely audio calling a friend during the best song are over. Now you can be right there with them however far away you are from home, watching as they smile, laugh and cry, right as you do too. Live music is about that shared experience, and what better way to do it than by being there together, even from Slovenia.

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