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Three top tips for festivals abroad

Your phone is your lifeline at festivals, wherever you are in the world.

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There’s nothing like a music festival. The atmosphere, the bands, and of course a big group of your closest mates. One thing you don’t want to do is get left behind, so here are our tips for surviving and thriving in those muddy fields and sunny beaches.

Make sure your phone is always charged

This one goes without saying, right? There’s probably nothing worse at a festival in Portugal than watching your phone battery flitter away and ending up separated from your friends, especially abroad. The easiest way to get around it is to keep that phone fully charged. Pretty much every festival offers charging stations to lucky punters, but we never go anywhere without our portable chargers. Now everyone is free to message, call and share the full festival experience with the world.

Track your friends

Use some of your data to download and run tracking apps. Get everyone in your group to agree and you’ll never be lost and alone in a field in Croatia again. It’s also great in stopping those awkward moments when you all want to go in different directions, and when you all meet up again you can rave about the weird and wonderful things you only see at festivals.

Grab loads of mementos

We’re not talking about souvenirs here. We’re talking about those one of a kind memories that can only be brought out by spending three or four days with your besties surrounded by the music you love in another country. With so much going on, sharing photos and videos on social media is a great way of making sure you never miss a moment. You’ll be remembering these moments for years to come.

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