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Three tips to get the most out of every gig

Going to hear your favourite band play live offers a feeling of euphoria which is unrivalled by much else.

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Here we offer some top tips to make sure you get the most of out every gig you go to, whether it’s the biggest stadium tour in the United States, or to catch the hippest new band in a local dive bar in Latvia.

Get there early

This might sound obvious, but it’s worth paying attention to if you’re in the mood for some front row action (this only applies to standing gigs) – especially if you want to make sure your Instagram feed is the best in the Greek venue; get there late and it’ll just be a sea of countless heads between you and your favourite band. Not cool.

Make sure your phone is charged

Capturing the moment is a prerequisite for gig-goers in the modern age. And that’s something you just cannot do when your battery goes kaput halfway through the band’s lead single… Plus, how else are you going to annoy that friend on WhatsApp who didn’t manage to get a ticket to Benicassim? A fully charged device means you can do plenty of showing off across social media – and still have enough power left to bag an Uber ride home.

Don’t be afraid to go solo

No matter where you are in the world, gigs are a great place to meet people and you shouldn’t be intimidated about flying solo. Find solace in the fact that you’re turning up to a venue in Germany where the room is jam-packed with like-minded, same-band-lovin’ audience members like you. Say hello to people, grab a beer, find a spot and get chatting; as soon as the music starts, it’ll be like you’re the best of friends. Gig buddies are the best. And the photos will be flying across social media before you can say #selfie.

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